Who We Are

About Enviro-Tech

Enviro-Tech is a family owned and operated company, established in Washington state in 1986. Our mission is to provide the highest quality products and services to the Dairy Farmers of America. We take pride in manufacturing and distributing products that have minimal to no impact on the earth. Most Enviro-Tech products are biodegradable and eco-friendly. We specialize in Dairy Sanitation, Hoof Health Solutions, Automatic and Exposure Free delivery systems (OSHA accepted), Biological/Carbon based Lagoon and Waste Water Treatments and Organic Crop Management. We currently service the entire United States, China, Mexico, and Canada. We are opening up distribution in Germany, Poland, Turkey, Russia, and Brazil.


Are there EPA, OSHA, DEQ, or FDA restrictions on Thymox?

No, there are no restrictions or limitations on the use or handling of Thymox. It was given a “Category IV” toxicity rating by the EPA. Meaning that has the lowest category of toxicity and there is no signal word associated with it.

Is Thymox safe to handle?

Yes, Thymox is an all-natural oil based product that is not harmful to humans or animals.

Will Thymox burn my cows feet?

Unlike formaldehyde and copper sulfate, there is no chance of burning or upper toxicity when using any of the Thymox hoof care products. Thymox is a non-irritant and can be used daily.

Who is Enviro Tech?

Environmental Technologies Inc. (aka Enviro Tech), is a family owned and operated dairy supply company that was founded 30 years ago in Washington State. Our primary focus is dairy footbath products. However, we manufacture and distribute many other products with the desire to help our customers run more efficiently, cleaner and have the smallest impact on the environment possible. Today Enviro Tech proudly services all 50 states along with Canada, Mexico, Europe and China.

Does manure have an effect on THYMOX 1p?
THYMOX 1p Footbath was shown effective with 20% contaminating manure. We nevertheless recommend changing the solution after the passage of 200-500 cows to guarantee maximum efficacy. 
Are hooves in contact with THYMOX 1p long enough in foot baths?

Yes. THYMOX 1p Footbath was shown very effective against hoof pathogens at short contact times.

Can I use THYMOX 1p Footbath with automated systems?
Yes. THYMOX 1p Footbath is non-corrosive, your facilities won’t be damaged after its use. It works well in all Enviro Tech automated and Gravity Flow systems. If a white residue forms when it dries, simply flush/ rinse with water to remove.
Is THYMOX HOOF costly?

No. THYMOX hoof care products are priced similar or even less expensive in most cases than competing products. The price per footbath with Thymox 1p is similar to copper sulfate used at 5% in footbaths.

Is THYMOX HOOF good to use if it freezes?

Yes. THYMOX HOOF concentrates freezes at -9°C. Put it in a warm location and stir until the solution becomes homogenous. Freeze/thaw does not affect the efficacy of the product.

Will THYMOX 1p Footbath cure hairy warts?

Just like other footbaths, THYMOX 1p Footbath is not designed to “cure” infectious lesions, but to help control and prevent them. However, we have seen substantially increased healing time and faster cell regeneration in healing hooves that are treated by THYMOX hoof care products.

How did Thymox 1p win Top 10 innovative products of the year at the World Ag expo?

Every exhibitor at the World Ag Expo, regardless of what division of agriculture they may pertain to, was given the opportunity to enter their new and innovative products in for this award. The committee at World Ag Expo carefully reads the reports submitted by each company, vets the products and credibility and decides what products are going to have the greatest impact on the way ag is influenced over the next year. We were fortunate enough to be recognized as an innovative product with the vision to change the way that diary foot bath is perceived and implemented. With using a completely different look at digital dermatitis and a completely different mode of action in the treatment of this disease, we have been awarded the Top 10 innovative products of the year for 2018.