Sulfi-Doxx Lagoon

Week 1

SULFI-DOXx is a one of a kind, patented product that possesses very strong absorption properties. To illustrate this, one gram of the material has the surface area of a football field. The base substances of the product include organic humus, lignite and leonardite. It possesses a very strong affinity to bind to hydrogen sulfide and ammonia. The second part of the product is a highly diverse, complex mixture of bacteria and fungi that liquefy manure

Week 3

This material has been researched for several years in the wastewater industry, where it has gained widespread acceptance in odor and hydrogen sulfide control. In fact, it has been shown to reduce hydrogen sulfide concentrations by 80.6% during the first 24 hours of treatment and almost a 100% reduction over the course of two weeks. The material also prevents nitrogen loss in the form of ammonia volatilization by up to 71%.

Week 5

Research that has been done on SULFI-DOXx in the pork industry includes a study done by the Iowa State Extension Agency. Hydrogen sulfide readings were taken on the minute for the first 100 minutes of agitation inside both the treated side and the untreated side of a 1000 head hog confinement. In the non-treated room, hydrogen sulfide readings peaked at 203 parts per million (ppm) and averaged 93 ppm. In contrast, hydrogen sulfide readings in the treated room peaked at 10 ppm and averaged 2.7 ppm. SULFI-DOXx reduced peak hydrogen sulfide concentrations inside the confinement by over 95%.

Week 7

For example, a producer that had been feeding high-sulfur-containing ice cream waste to his pigs averaged 120 dead hogs from hydrogen sulfide gas over the past several years during pit agitation. He did not lose one pig fall of 2014 during pumping after using SULFI-DOXx. In addition, he had people that work in the confinement industry asking him what he is doing because the odor is non-existent around his barns. He says corrosion has been virtually eliminated in his barns. He also had a pit that had 4 feet of solids that pumped down to the bottom, due to the liquefying bacteria and fungi.

Week 9

SULFI-DOXx also helps plants grow. The active component went through vigorous tests in Florida during 2014 against competitive biological products and controls by an independent testing organization. SULFI-DOXx increased overall plant quality and yield in sweet corn, blueberries, potatoes, bell peppers and tomatoes over the controls by 36 %, 17 %, 8 %, 26 %, and 22% percent respectively.

Other Key Points

  • SULFI-DOXx reduces solid buildups and sludge in manure storages. Deep pits pull plugs, flush gutters, earthen basins, and lagoons are all facilities that will benefit from treatment.
  • SULFI-DOXx increases the fertilizer value of the manure by suspending manure solids by a gentle mixing process. This can be an 8 to 1 return on investment per year.
  • SULFI-DOXx is the only product on the market with microbes that break down DDGS or distiller’s grains. In turn, this prevents nitrogen from being tied up in the field during crop production.
  • SULFI-DOXx evenly distributes the manure consistently when land applied. This prevents crop streaking and prevents producers from losing bushels per acre when their crop is harvested.
  • SULFI-DOXx virtually eliminates crusting and flies.
  • SULFI-DOXx helps reduce compaction in fields. It also promotes healthy plants and root development.
  • SULFI-DOXx has been shown in an Iowa State University study to reduce odor by 80%.
  • SULFI-DOXx reduces the cost of manure application by limiting the amount of agitation that needs to be done.
  • SULFI-DOXx significantly reduces odor emissions from outdoor storage basins and lagoons before and during land application.
  • SULFI-DOXx works on all types of manure and wastewater systems.