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Thymox Defender Gel is a direct application for Digital Dermatitis that drastically reduces inflammation, swelling and begins to help heal the lesion within 8 – 12 hours. Treat the lesion 2 – 3 times for best results.



Thymox Defender Gel application is best used when applied to hooves in a trimming shoot or anytime you have access to an active lesion. With using Thymox Defender Gel, there is no need for a hoof wrap. This product has the consistency of a very thick and tacky glue. This is to protect and provide a barrier to the lesion from external actors that will make the infection worsen. This is a botanically derived, non-antibiotic, non-corrosive and non-toxic product that we have found to be extremely effective to promote a natural, fast healing. Take the healthy and progressive step with Thymox and take your cows for a better, happier walk today.

“Please note that this product is a veterinary device.”

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