Thymox Defender is an botanically derived, non- toxic, non-corrosive, non-antibiotic topical wound dressing for hoof lesions. Enviro Tech, offers both a gel application and a spray application for Thymox Defender. When using Thymox Defender directly on a lesion, you can expect to see results within 8-12 hours. With just a few applications of Thymox defender, we have seen rapid healing of the affected area and the cow returning to a happy and healthy life much faster than most common products.

Thymox Defender Gel

Thymox Defender Gel application is best used when applied to hooves in a trimming shoot or anytime you have access to an active lesion. With using Thymox Defender Gel, there is no need for a hoof wrap. This product has the consistency of a very thick and tacky glue. This is to protect and provide a barrier to the lesion from external actors that will make the infection worsen. This is a botanically derived, non-antibiotic, non-corrosive and non-toxic product that we have found to be extremely effective to promote a natural, fast healing. Take the healthy and progressive step with Thymox and take your cows for a better, happier walk today.

“Please note that this product is a veterinary device.”

Thymox Defender Spray:

Similar to Thymox Footbath 1p, the Defender Spray is a liquid that is directly applied on the hoof to help facilitate the healing process of hoof lesions. Thymox Defender Spray can be used on active lesions or just sprayed directly on all hooves to protect hooves from environmental microorganisms and dirt for clean, healthy hooves. Many Enviro Tech customers use this spray as an additional defense along with Thymox footbath 1p or for farms don’t currently run a footbath program, Thymox Defender Spray can be used as a protective spray directly on the hoof. Pairing all three of the Thymox products in a hoof health regiment is the most progressive, eco-friendly and effective hoof health program on the market. Let Enviro Tech help you take the healthy and progressive step forward in treating your cow’s hooves today.

“Please note that this product is a veterinary device.”