ETI’s 1st Step

ETI’s 1st Step is a formalin based foot bath solution. This product has the same active ingredient as the formaldehyde solutions you may have seen in the past. Many other formaldehyde products on the market are just a by-product of the wood and glue industry. Most of them are between 11% and 37% Formaldehyde and 7-11% Methanol. By cutting the active ingredient in these products they have made the product less effective for your cows, which results in varying success with the product as a hoof bath solution. ETI’s 1st Step is blended with our high standards and specific parameters. We custom blend this product specifically for your dairy cows. ETI’s 1st Step is biodegradable and blended with a 37% Formaldehyde, 14% Methanol, a hoof conditioner and stabilization surfactants. We blend our product to have the highest concentration of formalin and methanol allowed to ensure that we provide the best and most effective product for your farm. When working with Enviro-Tech and ETI’s 1st Step, we ensure that you have an “Exposure Free” delivery system included with our service at no cost to the farm.