Dairy Footbath Solutions

ETI’s 1st Step

ETI Stage 1, is a formalin based foot bath solution. This product has the same active ingredient as the formaldehyde solutions you may have seen in the past. Many other formaldehyde products on the market are just a by-product of the wood and glue industry. Most of them are between 11% and 37% Formaldehyde and 7-11% Methanol. By cutting the active ingredient in these products they have made the product less effective for your cows, which results in varying success with the product as a hoof bath solution. ETI Stage 1, is blended with our high standards and specific parameters. We custom blend this product specifically for your dairy cows. ETI Stage 1, is blended with a 37% Formaldehyde, 14% Methanol, a hoof conditioner and stabilization surfactants. We blend our product to have the highest concentration of formalin and methanol allowed to ensure that we provide the best and most effective product for your farm.

Thymox Footbath 1P

A new standard of hoof care to promote healing of your herd, instead of hiding the infection beneath the skin. Not toxic like formaldehyde. Dissolves instantly, unlike Copper Sulfate. Cleanses hooves better with antiseptic properties. At 1:100 dilution, this patented concentrate is part of a new standard of care program to help healing, treatment, and control of digital dermatitis with a different cleansing mode of action compared to other chemicals.

ETI’s 2nd Step CU

EnviroTech also provides UltraHoof Stage 2, which is a copper-based solution. We take the highest grade copper on the market, in the finest powder consistency and blend it to our specifications to provide the highest quality liquid copper on the market. UltraHoof Stage 2, is a true 20% copper blend and because of the finely ground copper powder we use, it will hold in solution better than any other liquid copper on the market. By having such a high copper concentration and such incredible stabilization, we are able to have great success in mixing to our exact PH and dilution parameters in the foot bath. This allows us to us less product most competitors while experiencing no fall out, a harder hoof and effectively create a fungicide foot bath.

ETI’s Cow care Automatic Footbath

Environmental Technology is proud to offer it’s a fully automatic footbath system that will completely eliminate all labor and provide the most efficient system when it comes to dairy cow footbaths. This system automatically will fill the footbath with the exact amount of water needed, then it will precisely do the bath with Enviro Tech’s Stage 1 or Stage 2 footbath solution. After a given amount of time or number of cows that pass through the bath, the bath will automatically empty itself, clean itself and refill itself. Please watch the video below or contact us to learn more about our automatic footbath.

ETI’s Exposure Free Gravity System

Although there are not many bells and whistles to this system, this is an OSHA approved exposure free delivery system that accurately will dose your footbath, while keeping all exposure contained within our system. Enviro Tech developed this system with two things in mind; Exposure and Maintenance. These systems not only keep whomever is handling the footbath solution safe from the chemicals, they also have very little that can break or go wrong with them. Enviro Tech is proud to offer these systems at “No Cost” to the dairy farm. These are complementary systems that come with the Enviro Tech service.